online pr crisis

At times, no matter how much you prepare, an online PR crisis is unavoidable. It can at happen at any time and for any number of reasons but whatever happens companies and organisations need to try to manage the crisis when it happens. Of course this has become quite tricky with the incredible volume of posts on social networks making it hard to track every facet of a problem. But with the right internal structures and social media intelligence software, your PR and Communications teams can better manage a potential crisis situation.

Online monitoring tools and analyzed social data are particularly useful in two main stages of a crisis:

  • Detecting the beginnings of a crisis -  Understanding the sentiment towards your organization or brand is the first step towards detecting a potential crisis. Spikes in negative and even neutral activity should be treated with caution as they could be the first indicators of an oncoming crisis.
  • Managing the crisis - Once you have detected a crisis that needs to be dealt with, the next step is managing that crisis and digging deeper into its causes and the way in which it is spreading.

The vast amount of data online in the form of posts on social networks, online news article and blogs, has definitely made the process of tracking and understanding a crisis more challenging. However, the fact that all this public data can be tracked and measured means that using social listening insights, can be gleaned that were previously virtually impossible to find.