Illuminum Greenhouses of Kenya emerges as the winner of the Inaugural Airbus BizLab Event in Nairobi (#Africa4Future)

The Airbus BizLab initiative in Africa, launched in August this year, targeted African startups innovating for future applications in the aerospace business.  Startups that use Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellite Operations and Imagery, 3D Printing, Smart sensors, Internet of Things (IOT), smart energy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were encouraged to apply.

lluminum is an Agri-tech startup that uses connected sensor technology with its solar panels to automate and enable remote control of greenhouses. The selection of Illuminum for Airbus BizLab underscores the opportunities for collaboration with innovative startups. Illuminum greenhouses will get a 10-day trip to Europe to meet with Airbus experts as well as present to Airbus Executives and investors.

There were 11 finalists of the first-ever #Africa4Future initiative by Airbus BizLab in East Africa. The finalists were shortlisted from applications received from over 5 countries across the region including Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. The diversity of submissions was impressive, not only regionally, but also from within Kenya. There were teams from Turkana – Startup Lions and Swahili Box from Mombasa. These teams presented to our panel of judges which included representatives from Airbus BizLab Bruno Gutierres (Head and Founder) and Guido Schwartz, Mutembei Kariuki from GIZ, the MD of Cellulant Ken Njoroge, Shikoh Gitau from Safaricom Innovation as well as Simon Wachira, a leading tech Inventor and entrepreneur from Kenya. John Kamunya of Intellecap gave an investor perspective.

“It was amazing to experience the passion of the different teams applying from across East Africa for AEROmobility and to assess the high quality of submissions.

The success of the event showed that there is a foundation for high tech applications of UAVs, IOT and Satellite in Africa. This is the moment to build the community for partnership in order to create products and services of the future. ” Bruno said. 

The finalists who received feedback and recognition are as follows:

  1. Aerobot Technologies Limited – Kenya
  2. ESIPPS International Limited – Uganda
  3. Kuunda Three Dee Limited – Kenya
  4. Maisha – Ethiopia
  5. QTRON Industries Limited – Kenya
  6. Swahili Box – Kenya
  7. Savannah Circuit Technologies Limited – Kenya
  8. Startup Lions – Kenya
  9. Track Your Build – Sierra Leone
  10. UAV Kenya – Kenya

Through programmes such as the #Africa4Future, Airbus BizLab provides early-stage projects with wide-ranging support, in the form of a six-month “accelerator programme” that gives startups access to a large number of coaches, experts and mentors in various domains: technology, legal, finance, marketing & communication; easing prototyping and market access.

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